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the wholespeak method

public speaking expertise is not guesswork.

Public speaking, be it online or in-person, is both an art and a science.


The science: our methodology takes you through of specific steps that anyone can take to become a confident, dynamic speaker and presence (even if you think “I could never be a speaker”).

The art: you still get to be you!


The WholeSpeak Method is an integrative, holistic approach: learning one skill may support you in multiple ways. For example, diaphragmatic breathing will lay the foundation to grow your vocal power, confidence and presence.


From our founder’s long experience coaching (since 1996) and graduate degrees in both communication and theatre, he slowly crafted a system that simply works – even for supposed intangibles like confidence and presence.


Read on to learn more about our EPIC methodology as well as the 5 core areas we cover.


EPIC Methodology

The WholeSpeak Method is EPIC. These 4 areas understand how we train and create rapid transformation. While it’s possible that for some needs you don’t need all of these, together they form a powerful combination that will create rapid transformation.


1. Expert Insight.

You don’t want to waste time with guesswork… which is what happens with inexperienced coaches. However, when you work with an expert in the field who’s been coaching public speaking and leadership presence for decades, you progress not just one step at a time… but in leaps and bounds.


Whether you’re getting breakthroughs in confidence, preparing for standing ovations, or receiving insights around your communication patterns, the power of each session leaves our clients with breakthroughts, insights and clear takeaways.


2. Performance Training.

Becoming a great speaker – or, a leader with powerful presence – doesn’t happen overnight. But it can happen quickly with the right methodology. Performance training consists of:

  • Acting, voice and movement techniques. Performers are not naturally confident or self-expressive! They also need to learn presence. Adaptations of performance techniques, applied for talks, presence and everyday self-expression, will help you broaden your self-expression in powerful ways.

  • Training methodology. Becoming great isn’t a matter of knowing what to do: it’s learning to become it. To get it in your body.

  • Warming up. When you learn how to warm up just like a performer – physically, mentally, emotionally, and vocally – you become consistent. Knock it out of the park every single time.


3. Inner Transformation

Public speaking is more than a skill set. You are also learning to step more fully into your power, into Presence, and to find a level of self expression.

  1. Confidence. You can transform into being more comfortable in your skin, even in peak experiences like public speaking.

  2. Enhancing self-expression. When you open more fully into a bigger range with your voice and embodiment, you become more .

  3. Presence. This can’t be faked: finding true presence will transform both how others experience you… and how you experience the world.

4. Crafting Transformational Talks and Communication

Whether it’s a keynote or speaking up important meeting, you need to be able to skillfully organize your thoughts, ideas and content so that they create powerful impact. Depending on your needs, we can either give you a framework to follow that you can do yourself, or work with you in depth to make sure that every sentence is powerfully articulated. For most circumstances, we recommend an outlined, extemporaneous approach, which also makes both writing and practicing it easier for you; usually only high-level keynotes should be fully scripted. If writing is hard for you, we have great tricks and tips to share too!



Here's another way to describe what you need to learn to be a great speaker. There are 5 areas to focus on. These are customized for clients; see which ones would best serve you.


The 5 Keys to Compelling Communication

WholeSpeak coaches clients in 5 overlapping areas, per our holistic model of communication:

  • Content and talks. Whether it’s a talk or communication strategies, we’ll work together to inspire your audience and move them to action.

  • Comfort and Confidence. It's essential to be relaxed, at ease, and enjoy the act of expression and communication. You don’t have to just live with the nerves! Yes, this is possible… for you.

  • Connection. Without strong connection, your impact will be off. Stay attuned to your audience and impact them with intention, skill and efficacy.

  • Vocal and Physical Dynamics. To keep others rapt attention, learn a vocabulary of self-expression (e.g., pitch, tone, tempo, body language, and much more).

  • Charisma and Presence. Often perceived as somewhat intangible, these can be learned and grown. While charisma contains certain qualities, it also is simply about being


When you combine these together, you tangibly become a great speaker and presence. Whether it's in meetings, online or on stages, you'll be amazed.

Not every client needs an upgrade in every aspect, nor is each a priority. You may be great at connection, or not have talks coming up. So we'll customize our work to suit your needs.


How it works (and what you’ll need to do)

While we bring decades of experience and insight, we still haven’t found that magic wand that makes your speaking and presence better! So let's discuss what you need to do.


Becoming a stronger speaker and presence is actually comprised of numerous skills, from body language to connection. It’s not a matter of knowing what to do when you speak: you need to have them integrated as part of you. To do this, you’ll be given specific exercises to practice daily. Each set of exercises then lays the foundation for the next set. Before you know it, things are transforming.


Sometimes you’ll notice differences right away (faster than you may imagine). And at others, you won’t even notice the changes until you get reflection and positive feedback from your coach – or even those in your life.


Regardless, in just a few months, you’ll have become a better speaker than many in your community you admire. And you’ll have skills you can use for the rest of your life.


Set up a time to discuss your needs.

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