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Are you ready to grow in leaps and bounds?

So many people think that they are stuck. Perhaps you don’t like your voice. Or have persistent nerves, dread or anxiety around public speaking. Or can’t seem to get that promotion.


Things can change. Quickly.


In both private and small group coaching, you can expect to receive practical tips, powerful technique, and inspiration in every session.


Before you know it, things will change. You’ll find confidence… presence… and begin to create a bigger impact.


What working together is like

Private work together typically takes place over Zoom. We are also available for longer VIP sessions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and upon request can often arrange to come to you to teach workshops and private intensives.


Depending on your needs, priorities and time frame, we can focus on two parallel tracks:

  1. Skill building. Grow your skills, from confidence to vocal power. This typically involves learning skills a little at a time, until they’re fully integrated. (Read more about this here.)

  2. Crafting talks and presentations. We can dramatically improve a current presentation or craft a new one. Depending on how intensively you want to work together, you can:

    • Do a DYI version, with basic pointers given;

    • Craft it and bring it back for feedback and improvement;

    • Have us work with you every step of the way, to ensure it’s powerful, compelling and enrolling.

And, after it’s crafted, we can take time to polish your delivery so that your nonverbal communication is as effective as your words.


Coaching Packages

Coaching packagers are designed to move you forward in a short period of time. Why packages instead of individual sessions? Well, this isn’t therapy, where you go week after week, and have no idea how long it’ll take to change. Instead, based on your needs, we’ll focus our energies over a short period to do great things.


While some clients finish a package and then decide to dive in deeper, these packages fit the majority of our clients. (If not, we’re happy to custom-craft something for you too.)


Something important to know: we’ll help you gain skills in a much smaller number of sessions than most other coaches and trainers!


How do we do this? Two-fold. First, through the WholeSpeak Method’s EPIC approach: we’ve been doing this a long time, and can hone in right on what you need. (Learn more over at The WholeSpeak Method.)


Second, private sessions are typically supplemented by asynchronous online trainings, such as Claim Your Voice: Speak with Power and Presence. One of the reasons it was created in the first place? It’s hard for clients to remember everything they are taught live. This step-by-step online training greatly leverages our time together by letting you learn the essentials yourself, and then personalize and deepen them with your coach in the sessions.


All packages provide blocks of hours that used as you like. For example, if you want to slowly build and integrate new skills, meeting two or three times a month for an hour each is a great way to go. Wanting help crafting and polishing a talk? Then you’ll likely be served by 1.5-3 hour blocks of time.


Note: packages typically run several thousand dollars and up, and are for those wishing to invest in their future. We can discuss details in a Discovery Session, and also offer discounts for those paying privately.

Below are two packages we often use. We also can provide a shorter introductory package, or work longer by retainer as desired.


The Transformation Package

Ready to dive in and grow your speaking skills, confidence and presence? This 9.5 hour package is good if you have a couple of core goals. For example, we can help you grow confidence and foundational speaking skills, or put together one talk. Here’s what it includes:

  • 35-Point Speaking and Presence Assessment. Present live or provide a video of you speaking for 15 minutes, and discover both your hidden strengths as well as areas of growth. While not required, it’s a great way to start out our coaching together in an initial 90-minute session.

  • 8 additional coaching hours. Use them at a slower pace (2-3 times per month, 1 hour each) to grow your skills. Or, we can work on a talk more intensively and meet for longer sessions, completing the package in just a few weeks.

  • Claim Your Voice: Speak with Power and Presence. This 10-week  online training powerfully supplements our work together, and helps us leverage our private sessions so that we move far faster than in private work alone!

You will be astounded at how fast things will change in only a few months (hence the name). Yes, it’s possible for you. If you want to jumpstart, restart or overhaul your speaking, this is for you.


Your Powerful Voice: Leadership Presence Package

Are you ready to invest in becoming a powerful speaker and presence who makes a big impact? Want to craft a keynote or multiple smaller presentations? Desire deep inner work to bring out confidence and presence?


This package includes everything in the Transformation Package, as well as:

  • 21 total hours of coaching. Use them more intensively to craft a talk, or over 6-9 months to slowly grow your skills.

  • Voxer or WhatsApp support, to give you spot coaching when you need it

  • Other goodies!

Want to learn more?

Let's find a time to talk. We can discuss the best package for you.

Set up a time to talk here.

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