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Schedule of Workshops and Classes
2015 Events
October 20-Dec 15   8-week Class: Power and Presence Oakland, CA

2014 Events 
Jan 14 Workshop: Getting Clients through Referrals (Conscious Business Bay Area) Oakland, CA
Feb 18 Conscious Business Bay Area event  (Guest Speaker: Bill Baren) San Francisco, CA
March 19
Private Advanced Workshop (Corporate): Presence and Dynamics Los Angeles
April-Sept WholeSpeak Coach Training Program Berkeley, CA
April 23 Conscious Business Bay Area event (Guest Speaker: George Kao) San Francisco, CA
June 16-18 3-Day Retreat for WholeSpeak Coaches-in-Training Berkeley, CA
July 19-22 4-Day Retreat for the WholeSpeak Coach Training Program Berkeley, CA
August 31 Sacred Speaking: The Power of Your Voice - Workshop Ubud, Bali
October 21 Workshop: Public Speaking with Power, Confidence, Authenticity, Presence Berkeley, CA
Nov 20-22   WholeSpeak Core Intensive: Speak with Power and Presence - Join Us. Berkeley, CA

2013 Events 

February 23 Main Stage Speaker: Raw Living Expo Sedona, AZ
February 27    
Conscious Business Bay Area Meetup - Conscious Networking 
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      San Francisco, CA
April 27 Featured Speaker: National Entrepreneurs & Small Business Expo Join us! Anaheim, CA
May 2-19 Theatrical performance (Lead): Last Love, Mojo Theatre    Join us! San Francisco, CA
May 23 Keynote Speaker: San Francisco Professional Career Network San Francisco, CA
May 30 Interview - Radical Authenticity is the New Paycheck   Join us! Online
June-July Claim Your Voice Course: Speak with Confidence, Power and Presence Join us! Online Training
June 21-22 Workshops: Whole Self Expression; The Art of Connection California (private)
August Retreat location scouting Bali

Sept 11-12 Private Workshop (Corporate): WholeSpeak Foundations Los Angeles
Oct 1 Interview: Power of Leadership Expert Call Online
Oct 4 Interview: Abundance in Business Telesummit Online
Oct 29-30 Private Corporate Workshop: Dynamic Speaking Los Angeles
Nov 12 Workshop: Conscious Networking (Conscious Business Bay Area) Oakland, CA
Dec 16 Holiday Gifting Event - Conscious Business Bay Area Oakland, CA

2012 Events 
January 18        Conscious Business Bay Area Meetup - Conscious Networking 
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       San Francisco, CA
February 7-23 The Authentic Entrepreneur Speaker Series
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International (virtual event)
April 17 Free TeleClass: How to Speak with Confidence and Inspire Your Audience 
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International (virtual event)
pril 23-May 25 (and ongoing) 5-Week Course: Speak with Confidence - Inspire with Ease
May 2          Conscious Business Bay Area Meetup - Conscious Networking  
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        San Francisco, CA
May 5               Performance, "Concert at the Caves" Sausalito, CA
June 9 Create Your Thriving Practice! - a 4-hour workshop for coaches and holistic practitioners       Boulder, CO
July 31 Free Teleclass - Creating a Thriving Practice - Listen to the recording here
September 6 Speaking online at the Business Success Cafe - great free resource!  
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September 13  Keynote, "

Public Speaking Tools to Help You Get Your Next Position"

 CSIX  Saratoga, CA
September 21 Keynote, Speaking on the Superpower Success Telesummit -
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September 23 Performance, The Art in Nature Festival Join us!  Oakland, CA
September 27 FREE ONLINE TRAINING: "How to Craft a Powerful, Inspiring Speech!"
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November 8 Keynote, Speaking on the Wealthy Mind Warrior Teleconference -
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2011  Events
January 5 Workshop, Juicy Wordplay, with Vetted Word San Francisco, CA
January 11 Keynote, "Performing Your Best in 2011," SF Professional Career Network San Francisco, CA
January 13 Keynote,
 "Performing Your Best in 2011,"
 CSIX Saratoga, CA
January 16 Private
Voice and Presence
workshop for yoga teachers, Flying Yoga Shala Oakland, CA
January 30 Private
Voice and Presence
 workshop for yoga teachers, Flying Yoga Shala Oakland, CA
February 1 Keynote, "Natural Networking," Spiritually Oriented Businesspeople Networking Berkeley, CA
February 4 Private Voice and Presence workshop for yoga teachers, Integral Yoga SF Oakland, CA
February 25 Private Workshop, Corporate Pitching and Presentation Skills Oakland, CA
March 2    Workshop, Juicy Wordplay, with 
San Francisco, CA
March 3    Keynote, "Top Interviewing and Networking Skills," Experience Unlimited San Francisco, CA
March 29 Keynote, "Effortless Networking," Sandbox Suites Berkeley    
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Berkeley, CA
April 13, 20 Training, "Presentation Skills Basics, English Studies Institute Berkeley, CA
April 18 Keynote, GraceWorks  San Francisco, CA
April 24 Workshop, "The Yoga of Voice and Presence," Integral Yoga SF    Join us!  San Francisco, CA
May 18 Keynote, "The Best Elevator (Anti-)Pitch," SF Chamber Ambassadors San Francisco, CA
May 22 Private Voice and Presence workshop for yoga teachers, Avalon Yoga Palo Alto, CA
June 9 Workshop, "Getting More Clients," for Therapists and Holistic Practitioners Boulder, CO
June 14, 16 Performance, "Threshold" Join us!  Buy tickets San Francisco, CA
June 22 Workshop, "Create Your Elevator Anti-Pitch" - Join us!
Oakland, CA
June 28 Keynote, Sandbox SF -"Anti-Pitch - Attracting Your Next CoFounder or VC" Join us!  San Francisco, CA
July 19 Workshop, "Natural Networking," San Francisco Chamber of Commerce San Francisco, CA
July 22 Workshop: "Natural Networking - Connect Authentically to Get Business" Join us!
  San Francisco, CA
August 30 Workshop, "Create Your Elevator Anti-Pitch" - Join us! 
Oakland, CA
September 6 Keynote, "The Anti-Pitch," Spiritually Oriented Businesspeople Networking Berkeley, CA
September 26 Workshop, "Create Your Elevator Anti-Pitch" - private
Oakland, CA
October 7 Workshop, Dynamic Voice and Presence, Iowa City Yoga Festival Iowa City, IA
November 8 Workshop, "Create Your Elevator Anti-Pitch," SF Chamber of Commerce - Join us! 
Oakland, CA
November 10 Keynote, "Create Your Elevator Anti-Pitch," East Bay Localpreneurs - Join us!    Oakland, CA
November 15 Keynote, SF Professional Career Network San Francisco, CA
November 30 Conscious Business Bay Area Meetup - Conscious Networking Join us!    San Francisco, CA

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